Where Can I Serve

God’s Plan is to call those, He calls His True Worshipers, who are looking to find and hear His Spirit and Truth of His Word as He has given it to them. He is calling them to come to together and build His House of Prayer to be a sanctuary wherever His True Worshipers  United in the Spirit and Truth of the Holy Spirit of Christ Jesus, for all His people in the times to come.

Where two or more are gathered in His Name and share His messages uniting in the Holy Spirit and following His guidance.

God’s Plan is to get His messages out to His children through this Ministry. As people read His messages, His Word as it is given by Him, then the Holy Spirit speaks to them and gives them their personal revelation and guidance, through prayer with the Holy Spirit, of where and what He wants them go and do for God.

The True Worshipers will be called to where God wants them to help establish the Fellowship of the True Worshiper here and across the U.S. and the World and through the internet. God is appointing His  Servant Shepherds to lead and help train them for the times to come. The Texas Fellowship will be a training and organizational center from which God’s children will go into the world preaching the Gospel as God has given it, through the guidance of the Holy Spirit and prayer.
At the present time all donations are going to one of three Ministries: 
Operations are mobile  going to where the Ministry is needed. All Regular Mail is going through my home address. 
Donations can be given by Check, Money Order or Western Union. Send To;
Dennis D Wilson Jr
15727 Cutten Rd Apt 807
Houston, Tx 77070