Prayer of Seeking and Confessing

Prayer of Seeking and Confessing
Oh Lord God I AM, we come unto You seeking Your Will of the power of the Holy Spirit of Your Living Word Christ Jesus. Seeking through Your Grace by our Faith according to Your Word, in Christ Jesus.
For it is written; “For what the law could not do, in that it was weak through the flesh, God sending his own Son in the likeness of sinful flesh, and for sin, condemned sin in the flesh”
Again this is true of the flesh in the world. So we seek the power of the Holy Spirit of Christ Jesus to help us overcome by our Faith of Obedience to Your Will. Father we need Your Will and Your Glory to open eyes of all. Your hand is moving even now to call to Your children. But again as it is written, many are called but few are chosen. And again You have called many, but few are choosing to answer, and if they do not answer they cannot be chosen. Our power is of the Holy Spirit and not the flesh to do Your Will, and we ask forgiveness for the weakness of the flesh in fulfilling Your Will. We ask, by Your Will bring forth Your Power, Your Holy Spirit Christ Jesus.
Bring Your chastisement on the Born Again of the Indwelling to strengthen and heal in Body, Soul and Spirit. So they can bring forth the Glory and Praise You deserve.
Bring forth Your wrath on those of a false Faith, on the non-believers and the children of Satan. Father open the eyes of those of a false Faith and the non-believer, that they may turn and be save of the Indwelling of Christ. Father open the eyes of Satan’s children and let them see the error of their ways, that they tremble and fall back from their persecution of the righteous according to Your Will and Word.
As it is written, we must confess You before men and Christ will confess us before You.
So for all that pray this prayer, confess their Faith before all by seeking the Anointing Oil from Your chosen Shepherds, or buy it and on bended knee hold it up to God and ask Him to bless and sanctify it in Christ Name. Then go forth on the next seven days in the morning and mark the header and post of the door unto their house. As it was done in Egypt for the Spirit of God to know which are of His people.
So Father we pray this prayer and make this confession unto You through the Name of Christ. Now bring forth Your chastisement and wrath, according to Your Will, to make known Your Glory and Power of Christ.
In the Name of our Lord God I AM and Our Lord the Holy Spirit of Christ Jesus, Your Will be done. Amen.
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