Pastor’s Testimony / Rev. Dennis Wilson

From the time I was born God had a plan for me, even though I did not know Him or His plan. From birth until now, Satan has tried to keep me out of God’s plans. Four times in my life starting at birth, the world and its doctors have written me off with major health issues that were considered terminal. Three times God healed me completely and set my feet back on His path. The last time I was almost completely bed ridden, and going to the bathroom was the best I could manage. Once again God healed me, but not completely. For it was in His plan to use my weakness as His example of what is possible by His Grace alone. Today I suffer with Osteoarthritis all over, COPD, Plural Fibrosis, Fibrosis in the Lung and  8 to 10 bad disk from my neck to my lumbar area (I stopped counting). I am in pain 24/7 and by His Grace, my Faith in Him through the Holy Spirit of Jesus, He Has Raised me up to do His Work.

During all this time I always felt His presence, His Peace in my soul and spirit. I came from a home and family that was not based in His Spiritual Faith. God called and sealed me to His service when I was 10 and used me to heal my family, until I was 14 when I accepted Him before the world and started His Training and Ministry, I had only been in church twice. By the time I was 9 I had one birth father and two adopted fathers, with one mother.

Yet, through all the health problems, and a lack of a home, based on His Grace and Faith, even when I did not know who He was, I knew Him by the Grace of His peace that became the rock on which He built my Faith in Him through the Holy Spirit of Jesus.

Even before I knew what I was doing for Him, my heart, mind, soul and spirit willingly answered His calling. He first used me to try and heal my family and bring them to Him. Then for the last 54 years I became His Evangelist taking the Spirit and Truth of His Word where ever He lead me, teaching and preaching the Letter and Spirit of His Word as He has given it.

Now God Has Called again, to come and build His House of Prayer of His True Worshipers which He is calling me do, with those He send to me and His will be done.

For all that is written here, was and is and will be By His Grace and His Will, for I am but His tool and His willing servant. Bring forth His Spirit and Truth as He has given, without private interpretation.

Now in the grace and blessings of God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit by the power and name of the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ, I stand as His Servant Shepherd, called by God and anointed by the Holy Spirit of Jesus. For 54years I have served as His Servant Shepherd of His Spirit and Truth, preaching and teaching His Word as it is written in the Letter (Bible) and given through the Spirit (The Holy Spirit in prayer) of the His Word. So those seeking Him can see and hear His Word without man’s interpretation for themselves. Learning how to rightly divine God Word for themselves and choose by their free will, and not by the doctrines or traditions of man, their salvation in God through the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ.

Up to five years ago God’s ministry was evangelistic, with God sending me to pastors, churches, individuals, and groups. Then God reveled the time is short, and His children are to start preparing their souls for salvation and build His House of Prayer to become our Sanctuaries in the times of trials and tribulation to come. Since 1963 God has sent me to His children, as He sent John before Jesus to prepare them. Then five years ago God reveled it was time for the gathering of His House of Prayer, the Unity of the Fellowship of the Spiritual and Physical Body of Christ, the Born Again in Christ.

So, led by the Holy Spirit and God’s Will, He had me start God’s House of Prayer of the True Worshiper (John 4:23-24). With only God and myself, and my daughter to help, God’s House of Prayer of the True Worshiper was started with only a website, Skype, Facebook with Erica and I.

God’s plan, was for me to receive His revelations in messages to His children and preach, teach and counsel His children through His messages. Then once they had heard and or read them, the Holy Spirit would speak to those truly seeking Him, the Born Again True Worshiper. Giving them personal revelation to share His messages and start moving to the place He would have them serve. In that process they were to minister His messages bring all seeking His Spirit and Truth with them, that chose to come.

This is God’s Ministry, His blessing of Sanctuary, so His children can endure the trials and tribulation in His grace, so not to suffer more than necessary.

The first House of Prayer is to be here in Houston, Texas. This will be the place of training for His Shepherds to which He will place over 144 Houses of Prayer of the True Worshiper, across the world. With each House of Prayer seeding as many more as necessary for His children.

The training will be mainly in the Word as it is given and written. Also the training will include God’s plan, teaching the skills needed for enduring unto the end, completely by their own means.

As of now, God has brought 1000+ Pastors and their Assemblies into His Ministry seeking His Spirit and Truth to be continually ministered to through His messages, across the world. These His servant, saints have committed themselves to Him by a Faith of a Complete, Desired and Willing Obedience to His Will, as the Born Again of God. Many of which are physical dying for their testimony of Christ.

Now God send His revelation through His messages and the Holy Spirit speak and calls those seeking Him, to commit by a Faith of a Complete, desired and Willing Obedience to Will, giving revelation where to go for the gathering of the Unity of the Fellowship of the Spiritual and Physical Body of Christ.

So, God waits for the True Worshipers to come and receive His blessing of Sanctuary.