Where? What? When?

For those who seek to expand their understanding of the Spirit and Truth of the Word of God. We use Skype, Phone, Facebook/Messenger (Chat and Video) and Google Hangouts. Just contact me at revdenniswilson@outlook.com for information to connect.

Bible Study and Teaching

At present I am available for a Teaching Bible Study/discussion with any size gathering 7 Days a week between 2PM and 7PM CST. Other times can be arranged. Meeting place is in Home, or we can gather for fellowship, dining and teaching at a place of our choosing.


March 2014 to Present
Established church, website and Church Charter. Started with my wife, daughter and myself.
With in this first year, by just spreading God’s message through whatever means God provided. Ministering through the internet and evangelizing all by God’s Grace His message has been heard and His children coming to His voice.
I am currently preaching and teaching at a local church here in Tomball, Texas. Also through the internet I have partnered with and am ministering to ministries in the US and in Africa and the Middle East, with many ministries in India also.
Also doing teaching and Bible studies on Skype, a by weekly Conference Call for Service and starting a internet radio broadcast.
Most current activity is here in the United States, where individuals and groups are making arrangements to make the move to Texas.
All this has been accomplished by God’s Grace through His message from the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ. His Will be done.
The Ministry is growing and we have new ministries joining us and are doing Skype group and individual sessions. Many people following God’s messages via email and social media, and more coming each week seeking God’s Spirit and Truth.
Will be taking steps to start church and seminary in the Tomball, Houston area. Continuing to work with local churches and I am preaching, teaching at Pilgrim Branch Missionary Baptist and sitting on their board of directors.
After 3+ years of serving the people of Pilgrim Branch Missionary Baptist Church as God directed. The Holy Spirit has move the Assembly once again and have put me on their Board of Directors of the Church. All by God’s Grace through the Holy Spirit.
Today, 7/20/17, I received this email from Pastor JD Prasada Rao in India;
Brother,as we prayed god helped us to pave a path for our ministry in india.This has been possible by your prayers and support. Brother by grace of god government gave us permission to lay down slab for building church and house in our land.And they aslo told us that they will provide us 3050 dollars as housing scheme.And they told us that they remaining amount we need to adjust to build church and house building.God really helped us in real time as we prayed.Brother by building this it is very much helpful to all us that at one place we can built church,house and orphange home,bible college.And it is very much heplful that even if u send any of friends to india they can stay with us our building which even reduces hotel expenses .So,please pray for it and please inform it to your friends,family and church members.


This year we are stepping up. As of now we have two Ministries Nationally God’s House of Prayer of the True Worshiper, and God’s House of Prayer. Also I am ministering at Pilgrim Branch Missionary Baptist Church as Ass. Pastor and on Broad of Directors and Tech Ministry.

Are also partnering with Pastors across the World and their ministries. All to share the Word of God as it is Given.


Seminary and Bible Training

I am starting a Seminary and Bible Training Course via the internet, for those who feel they are called to serve God or Ministers looking for additional Training. This will also spread to an physical Training facility as God brings things together.

We are taught God’s Word and blessings are freely given and received. So the training will be offered free of charge. Text books will be the responsibility of the Student. Only 2 books required for study, they will be a KJV Bible and the Strong’s Expanded Exhaustive Concordance with Vine’s Dictionary.
Yes I said free. To help with cost, each student can make a donation as they are moved by God, at any time.


All phases of Ministry all still going opening new windows of opportunity and completely others. New people seeking His Spirit and Truth everyday. The Body of Christ is beginning to wake up to see the Truth and False Teachings.And Starting to search for His House of prayer.