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 For Rev Wilson 7 days a week from 2pm to 7pm (CST) call first.

Church Location & Address:

 16813 Huffsmith Kohrville Road | Houston, Texas 77070-1537 (This is our Local church which we are partners with, Pilgrim Branch Missionary Baptist Church)

Telephone: (832) 614-0364

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Rev/Bishop Dennis Dean Wilson Jr
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At the present time all donations are going to one of three Ministries: 

Operations are mobile  going to where the Ministry is needed. All Regular Mail is going through my home address. 


Donations can be given by Check, Money Order or Western Union. Send To;

Dennis D Wilson Jr

15727 Cutten Rd Apt 807

Houston, Tx 77070

Church and Seminary Ministry;
To develop the resources to built the fellowship and to house the church and seminary. The church for worship and fellowship and the Seminary for Training in the Word of God as it is written and given. So train Ministers to lead by the Word and train God’s children in the Spirit and Truth of His Word so they can find and seal their Salvation for themselves through the Holy Spirit and God’s Grace.
Bible Ministry;

To help provide the funds for churches ministering to the less fortunate, to buy Bibles in their native language. Ministering to the Flesh;

This is to help provide funds for food and clothing, mostly for children and homeless, or people in need that have no place to turn.